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THE FOUNDED MASTERCLASS | A team masterclass designed to follow the journey of a traditional yoga class, this ‘on the mat’ session will look at core elements of yoga and reveals their relevance beyond the mat. The masterclass presents yoga as a living metaphor and a tool for inspiring a fresh mindset and new approach in the workplace.

LEADERSHIP YOGA AND MINDFULNESS COACHING | Tailored, one on one, or small group yoga coaching programme suitable for leaders and managers working under high pressure, managing change or simply wanting to make a positive change in their activity. This programme set leaders up to better manage high pressure situations and symptoms of stress. Working towards energising and empowering them in their approach to work and life.

THE 5 DAY WORKPLACE URBAN RETREAT | A yoga retreat for busy people. This five day yoga and wellness retreat is designed around the working weeks and diaries of busy business leaders and executives. The programme immerses clients in daily yoga and mindfulness practices and also includes an element of nutritional support through a breakfast juice programme.  

REGULAR WORKPLACE YOGA CLASSES | Keep teams inspired with ongoing workplace-based yoga sessions for employees to enjoy and access as part of ongoing wellbeing initiatives.

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