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Surviving Monday

Maybe you have managed to have quite a wholesome weekend, it even felt a bit like spring for a few moments there, but around about now it’s easy to start feeling a bit Monday-ish and blue.

Inspired by a workshop a we went to this weekend by the brilliant @SurvivalTechniques here are some tips for surviving your Monday:

  • Have a non work conversation with a work colleague and see how they are doing. Connecting and listening to people makes everybody feel better

  • Stay hydrated and drink lots of water

  • Also have a coffee if that’s your thing, life is too short not to

  • Get into deeper work and not just emails by 11am. Entre lifetimes can be lost in an inbox and Mondays are our most productive day of the week, so get into some of the good stuff

  • Take your lunch break and eat something nutritional. Many researchers believe that it’s best to have your main meal of the day at lunchtime instead of in the evening. So if you fancy a hearty stew then go for it

  • Get out of the office for a stroll and get some fresh air

  • Stretch! A few stretches of your shoulders and lifting your arms above your head will help to open your rib cage which makes more space for you to breathe and will undo some of the 'work hunch'

  • Have compassion. Whether it’s you or someone else that’s having a particularly rough day, remember that compassion can make a huge amount of difference in dealing with stress and conflict at work

  • Leave on time. It’s a slippery slope of working late, so try to hold on for at least Monday

And if for some reason this all feels too much, then maybe it’s time for a duvet day.

Here’s to making Monday great again!

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