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Better Sleep for a Better Day at Work

When it comes to having a good day at work there’s a lot we can do to get a head start, and getting quality sleep (and rest!) is one of them.

Poor quality sleep has an instant impact on brain function and performance during the day, and today's working lifestyles can really compromise our ability to get a good nights sleep. Our sleep expert Risa explains that a good night sleep starts the moment we wake up. Here are five great things to consider:

1. Power down electronics at least 30 mins and eventually working up to 90 mins before bed. Get the phone out of the bedroom! Use a real alarm clock to wake up

2. Sleep is best thought of a bus, not an Uber. Notice when you start to get tired in the evening - and when you get your next spike of energy. Don't go to sleep during an energy peak, wait until the next melatonin dip (bus) to get you off to bed

3. Download the day - keep a notebook by your bed to jot down thoughts or to-dos that are keeping you up at night

4. Get to know what works for your body and chronotype -if you're a morning person vs a night owl, it's down to your genetics, which isn't easy to change. Work with your body clock rather than fighting it and don't beat yourself up trying to have a sleep schedule that isn't natural to you

5. Make a relaxing sleep routine which is free of tech - this could include: stretching, breathing techniques, reading (a real book, not kindle and non-fiction rather than a page-turner thriller), prepping clothes or lunch for the next day

Many people enjoy “meditative” housework like doing the dishes and folding the laundry. Most important is to spend the time finding something that works for you.

If you're interested to learn more about sleep and how it can improve your day at work, check out our Sleep & Thrive workshop and inspire a better nights sleep for you and your team.


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