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Founded Wellness Q&A: Jade, Yoga Teacher

With so many new people in our community, we thought it was time we shared a bit more about some of the Founded Wellness team, so check out this series of Q&A's featuring a few of the faces working with our clients and inspiring better wellbeing at work.

Jade Coles, Yoga Teacher

Instagram: @yoganaflow

Q. What are your particular areas of interest from a professional wellness point of view?

A. As a yoga teacher. I am interested in my students physical, spiritual wellness and emotional wellness.

Q. And in your non-professional life...what wellness things do you love?

A. I am a big believer in wellness for myself and my friends & family. Whether it be a coffee date, eating good food with my family or a spa date with friends. It’s so important as a self employed worker to make time for friends, family, new experiences and taking care of my own physical & social well-being

Q. Was there life before wellness was part of your profession?

When I graduated from university in 2015 I was in and out of freelancing jobs, acting work, receptionist, hosting events, waitressing, teaching, promo jobs, bar work... you name it I’ve done it. Wellness probably wasn’t as big in my life then especially not with the hours I was working, food wasn’t mindfully thought out it was grab and go and I didn’t have a lot of time for myself, friends or family.

When I took the leap in 2017 to train as a yoga teacher I didn’t really know what to expect but I knew that yoga would allow me to be calmer and more mindful with life choices & allow me the flexibility to attend auditions and would work perfectly alongside acting.

Q. What do you think is the hardest part of our modern working lifestyles?

A. Time management & balance. I never find I have the right balance even as a yoga teacher. Maybe because I am an actor as well .. a lot of my friends always say I am always working. My problem is I don’t see work as work. I LOVE what I do but sometimes when I have too much on my plate I freak out and need to remind myself it’s okay to say no to protect my wellbeing and those around me also.

Q. How can we manage this better in the short term?

A. I have found journaling and keeping a diary really helps. I can visualise my day ahead and notice the mega busy days and prepare for a quieter one after or plan in a social activity. Being able to say NO also helps..

Q. In Tim Ferris style, in recent years, what new belief, behaviour or habit has most improved your life?

A. Habit of MOVING YOUR BODY! Even if it’s 15minutes .. 30 mins.. 1 hour. Moving your body is so important. t’s honestly my medicine to set me up for the day!

Q. What books are you reading or podcast are you listening to for inspiration?

A. Only recently have I realised how great podcasts are! Where have I been hiding .. I can listen in the car or on the tube or sometimes at night before I fall asleep. Rachel Brathen (@yogagirl) and Julie Montangu’s ‘Recharge’

Q. What do you love most about inspiring better wellbeing for other people?

A. To see a change or a active process of change in a persons physical well being or emotional is amazing but for a student to tell me they can see and feel a change is just incredible! I love being able to inspire people with my energy and my flows. To see and watch people develop and grow week by week as I guide them through an practice and they end up conquering fear of poses or challenging their bodies.

Q. What's your go-to ‘survival technique’ for looking after your wellbeing each day?

As my mum has always said, starting the day with a a good breakfast!

And maybe also a bit if escapism through Netflix ..sshh!

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