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'Money Lessons' to support your Financial Wellbeing

With an increasing number of our clients showing an interest in the role that financial worry and stress play in the broader wellbeing picture for their employees, we thought it was great timing to hear about launch of this new book Money Lessons written by Chartered Financial Planner, Lisa Conway Hughes, AKA Blogger, Miss Lolly.

In Lisa's own words 'This book has been in my head for a long time, I wanted to write a book to explain money in a way that normal people would understand. Investing shouldn’t feel like gambling and planning your retirement shouldn’t be boring. Doing both well will have life-changing outcomes for the better. Out of the blue in 2018, I was approached by Penguin to write a book and it really was what I needed to actually make the book a priority.'

We're giving away a copy of Money Lessons to one lucky winner. So if you're ready for some easy reading finance inspiration, follow us on Instagram and make a comment on our 'Money Lessons' post.

We asked Lisa a few questions about financial wellness and what wellbeing means for her:

Author, Lisa Conway-Hughes

Q. What is the link between our finances and our wellbeing?

A. When someone is stressed about money it can have a huge impact on every aspect of their life, I am personally and professionally really passionate about helping everyone to understand that being good with money doesn’t take a degree in maths! A little more attention can have a very positive impact on your wellbeing and I often say that, little and often is the key to good financial planning. I really wish our industry could shake off the jargon, it is very intimidating and I hope that the work that I do through the Miss Lolly blog helps readers to realise that financial planning doesn’t need to be complicated.

Q. To support your working life what wellness things do you do?

A. Lots of gym! I switch between spinning, Pilates and yoga, then every now and again I have a focus on swimming in the warmer months. I am a morning exerciser, leaving it until the end of the day just leaves me too many excuses not to go! My (not so) guilty pleasure is Coronation Street!

Q. Within the finance and banking industry what do you think are the greatest challenges to wellbeing?

A. In this business we are very sedentary, often stressed and we work long hours. I'd say that the idea of working smart is only just starting to sink in!

Q. What do you think is the hardest part of our modern working lifestyles?

A. Getting home after a full on day at work to children who are tired, need school uniforms washing and need feeding, plus a little bit more work, can be draining. It often feels that my personal to-do list is HUGE! My commute into work is filled with online food shops, birthday present buying and organising holidays and weekends away.

Q. (In Tim Ferris style) In recent years, what new belief, behaviour or habit has most improved your life?

A. In recent years my habit of getting up early has changed my ability to juggle everything. My alarm Monday-Thursday is set for 5.15 and it means I can gym, prep the day and still be at my desk for 8ish. Getting up early was also the only way I managed to get my book written last summer!

Q. What books are you reading and what podcasts are you listening to?

A. I am constantly reading and my podcast list is more than I could ever get round to listening to! On audible, I am listening to Originals by Adam Grant, my “real life book” is War Doctor and it has given me a great sense of perspective. My go-to podcasts are 'Fortunately' for a laugh, 'Woman’s Hour' to feel up to date and 'The Intelligence' by The Economist to feel like I am learning new stuff. I also listen to The Today Programme whilst I am getting ready for work at the gym – that helps me to stay on top of the news.

Q. What is your go-to ‘survival technique’ for looking after your wellbeing each day?

A good long soak at the end of the day with lots of Neom products.

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