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Better Wellbeing Through Conscious and Sustainable Living

We’ve been programmed to work, eat, sleep, shop but how can we break the cycle and re-connect with ourselves and the planet?

Libby Brewster, Founder of every origin has spent the last year breaking old habits and trying new ways to live well and be more conscious. Libby’s brand takes a zero-waste approach and she is on her own journey to rid her life of plastic. This new found connection with the planet has helped her make better decisions and improved her own wellbeing in the process.

Libby shares her top five wellbeing and consciously creative tips:

1. Spark joy and de-clutter – the Marie Kondo method may seem extreme but this organisation technique can remove hundreds of micro-stresses from your day. Knowing what you own and where it is can make a huge difference to how the day pans out. Try organising one drawer to see what difference it can make to your routine. Donate items you don’t have an attachment to or have a go at repurposing them into something you will use or wear. For clothes, try the app mode-relier to catalogue your wardrobe and design a look without buying more for your next event.

2. Connect with your body through breath – try taking a moment to focus on the rise and fall of your chest. Let your thoughts wash over you as you gift yourself ten minutes of calm wherever you are. Disconnect with whatever you were doing and if you’re walking, take a moment to notice things around you, the way the trees move, the details in the buildings and gain an appreciation for the world around you.

3. Eat face to face – take some time to set the table for a meal. Whether you’re able to eat with a friend or a loved one or are just eating on your own, honouring mealtime is another gift to yourself. Chances are you’ll be able to appreciate the flavours and the company far more than if you were facing the set. Face to face communication is the best method to improving our relationships so if you can manage 30min with someone in your life, it will provide serious payback.

4. Turn off and light up – talking of no TV, a whole evening might sound like a nightmare but releasing yourself from four hours of intense box sets, adverts and documentaries can give your mind the reset it needs. Light a candle and search Spotify for yoga or massage tracks to relax and perhaps pick up a book you’ve been meaning to read. I’m just starting Lucy Siegle – Turning the Tide on Plastic: How Humanity (and you) can make our globe clean again.

5. What comes in must go out – I collected all of our packaging waste for a week instead of putting it in the recycling bin and was really surprised at how much waste we created. Realising that some of our readily used plastics aren’t getting recycled, I wanted to be more conscious about what I bought. I’ve started shopping at a zero-waste store, taking empty containers to refill. It’s not only sustainable but a fun experience and you’ll be surprised at how cheap some of the items can be.

'Taking time for you can seem impossible with a busy calendar. Any time you’re able to take could help nourish your relationships and the planet.'

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