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Looking to join a live online wellness class? We've got a few recommendations.

The time has come to take a bit of a pause and review with our timetable of LIVE sessions through Founded Wellness Online, however it's business as usual for the rest of our services so please do get in touch if we can help with anything to support you and your team at this time.

  • Private company yoga and pilates classes online

  • Wellbeing Workshops

  • On-demand sessions via Founded Wellness Online

If you're looking for live classes to join, we've a few recommendations here of some of our own Founded Wellness teachers, plus industry friends and small studios that we want to support.

Independent Teachers:

Inga - Vinyasa Teacher sharing creative flows for all levels

Kriste - Vinyasa, Hatha and restorative teacher sharing flows for all levels

Jade - Energising and fun yoga for all

Will - Sports focused yoga

Sophia - Sports and anatomy led teacher. Great for more advanced yogis.

Will & Nat - feel good, accessible, holistic yoga and pilates

Georgie - Pregnancy Yoga and restorative yoga

Mindfulness, Meditation, Sound baths & Breathwork:

Small studios we love:

We hope you enjoy exploring some new classes! See you soon.

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