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The Coconut Collaborative

"We are huge fans of Founded Wellness and have loved working with them on several occasions. We were so proud to have Aletheia join us at Wilderness 2018. Over the course of the weekend she led several yoga classes and working discussions around work life balance and mindfulness. Aletheia's warm and welcoming style is what makes her so special - her classes are always so valued and she has helped us create memorable experiences for our coconut community."

Coca-Cola European Partners

For Coca-Cola European Partners’ Mental Wellbeing pilot launch program, we were looking for a bespoke solution which made speaking about mental health more accessible to a diverse audience of mixed backgrounds, ages and genders. Founded Wellness has delivered that and more, delivering a genuinely bespoke solution for us. The program has fitted in seamlessly to internal events, has not felt intrusive or forced, and has succeeded in encouraging trial and awareness of mental wellbeing techniques and practices inside and outside the office. Each workshop has educated attendees of the importance of mental wellbeing (supported by scientific fact & research), and then provided practical easy-to-use tools for every level of experience. We are looking forward to continuing work with FW in the future.”


"With businesses increasingly coming to recognise the importance of wellness in the workplace, we are seeing increased demand across our portfolio for quality health and wellbeing solutions. Bringing Founded Wellness on board has helped us to meet that demand. Their bespoke yoga classes have proven hugely popular with our occupiers, and the quality and professionalism of their offer is second to none."

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